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The Egyptian Company for Solid Waste Recycling

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Cairo, Egypt

5 Al-Nahda Street, Dokki,
Giza, Egypt

About Us

Engineering Tasks Group, “ENTAG” was stablished in 1992. “ENTAG” is the first engineering and contracting firm in Egypt specialized in Solid Waste Management . “ENTAG” is owned by a group of environmental specialists who have high academic background in this field.

Engineering Tasks Group,”ENTAG”and the Egyptian Company for Solid Waste Recycling,”ECARU”are two sister companies, focusing on Design and manufacturing of solid waste recycling equipment, manufacturing of Organic compost, Biomass Derived Fuel , (BDF) and Refuse Derived Fuel, (RDF). as well as the Design, Construction and Management of Engineering Sanitary Landfills, Consultancy and Operation.

Company Details

  • Company Size

    20+ Employees

  • Specialities

    Design, Construction, Municipal Solid Waste, Sorting, Recycling, treatment, RDF, Production Facilities, Sanitary Landfills, Components, Equipment, Market Research, Technical Studies, Presentations.

  • Address

    El Obour City- first industrial zone Block No. 12013

  • Phone

    +2 02 2839 3921 / +2 02 3928 1929

  • Fax

    +2 02 2939 4829

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